November 18, 2011


Today's Cheers! is with a hot drink, perfect to celebrate the cold weather, fall, and Thanksgiving that is coming very soon: Hot Toddy (if you like hot drinks, also check out Irish Coffee and Mountain Melter's)

1 1/2 oz whiskey
5oz hot tea*
cinnamon stick
1 to 2 tsp honey
slice of lemon to garnish
* You can use the tea of your choice (black, apple, ginger ...). If you prefer, you can also use boiling water and give some flavor to it by increasing the amount of cinnamon and adding some cloves.

Preparation: Place all ingredients in an Irish Coffee mug and garnish it with lemon and cinnamon stick. The drink is strong, but you can make it lighter by adding more tea and using the amount of honey you desire.

A delightful weekend for all!

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