January 27, 2013

Vacation - Part 2: Milan and the Lakes

How do I summarize my visit to Italy? It was so good, loud, somewhat disorganized (specially after visiting Switzerland), charming and delicious! I've never seen so many chic ladies/gentlemen and so many fur coats (real one!) per square foot! The food? Pizzas, cheeses, lots of wine, prosciutto  breads and panettones! (traditional Italian fruit bread)
We stayed in Como and from there we went by train and car to Milan and the Lakes (Bellagio, Lecco, Lugano, Luino). Now I understand why George Clooney bought a villa there ;)
Important: during winter and holidays, almost all the shops and some restaurants were closed - which didn't stop us from walking around and sightseeing the beautiful landscapes - but if you prefer a warmer vibe, go in the summer.
Well, here are some great moments we spent in Italy:

Duomo, Milan

You have to see Da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper which is inside the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. You have only 15 minutes to stare at it but it will give you goose bumps! (ps: book your visit in advance because they are very limited).

Mangia que ti fa bene!

Como, Bellagio and other lakes

Farmer's Market and streets of Como, New Year's Eve.

New Year's leftover dinner (with my new set of sharped knives - Xmas gift)

We HAVE to come back again!

Arrivederci, bella!

January 21, 2013


You guys know how much I love breakfast! From a simple cup of coffee to those huge tables at hotels (or even at home, during the weekend, when we are feeling more inspired to set a beautiful table).
I always share here with you some tips of great places that offer delicious breakfasts but today I chose simple but tasty things that can upgrade your everyday breakfast.
Some photos were taken from restaurants but I already made those dishes at home and there is no secret! Just go for it!

Greek yogurt with seasonal fruit (in this case, fresh cherry)

Quesadilla. You might think it is too much work but think of it as a "Mexican melted cheese." Just buy a nice
cheese and tortilla, put them in a hot pan (or even grill) and voilá. You have a delicious and themed breakfast (to make it even easier, don't worry about the guacamole and sour cream. Quesadilla is amazing by itself)

Bagel with cream cheese. You can replace the bagel for any other kind of bread (brioche?). And if you're in a good mood, make a iced/frozen mocha.

Amaretto French Toast. This version goes in the oven and, as the name says, has almond liqueur in it. I love it! I'll post this recipe very soon!

Toasted bread with peanut butter and banana. This is my child side speaking!

Eggs Benedicts. I've shown you here my version of eggs benedicts. It doesn't have to be fancy and still it is going to be a success!

Pic-Nic/Breakfast in the hotel room (it can also be in your room, at the beach house, boyfriend's house...): yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, English muffin, jam, cheese, prociutto. Do I need to say more?

Spresso with pastry (this is even more special because it is from Di Cunto, a very traditional pastry shop in Brazil). It is also an excellent choice for an afternoon coffee.

This is easy for those who live in Brazil: cheese bread!  (for those who don't, just go to any Brazilian/Latino Market and you will find it)

Hot chocolate (it will be hard to beat Angelina, but using a good milk and a good chocolate, I'm sure it's going to be delicious too!)

This is one of my favorites: waffle* with Greek yogurt and maple syrup (this is the light version. The traditional version has sliced banana. Hmm ...). * You don't have to make the waffle. Buy it from any supermarket.

There are endless ideas for a very nice breakfast: jellies, cheeses, cakes, cookies, granola, fresh fruit, fresh bread, juice, coconut water etc. Just use your creativity and start your day differently! Have a good week you all!

January 13, 2013

Vacation - Part I: Interlaken, Switzerland

Hello there! I'm back and I'll write here the best moments of my delicious trip!
We arrived in Germany (Zwingelhausen), then we took a car and drove all the way to Switzerland (Interlaken). From there, the destination was Italy (Milan and the Lakes). On the way back to Germany (this time Edingen and Heidelberg), also by car, we could not not stop in France and we were lucky to choose a very charming small town (Colmar) which is worth another visit! Four countries in 15 days. Oh My! So many restaurants and places we visited...

Let's start with Interlaken, Switzerland. Certainly one of the highlights of the trip. As the name implies, is a region between lakes, with huge mountains covered with snow, busy ski resorts, delicious food, cold weather and very charming! Everyone should visit the Alps!

Wandering around Interlaken ...

An amazing stroll is the Jungfraujoch. The highest point that tram can get. A ride to the top is wonderful: an infinity of mountains, trees and houses covered with snow, we passed by ski resorts and, up there, with 3F, we were blown away (literally and metaphorically) with the breathtaking landscapes!

Also in Jungfraujoch, a nice stroll inside a castle made of ice!

Typical dinner: Raclette (simply a plate full of melted Swiss cheese!)

A proudly exposed collection of cow bells...

Speaking of cows, the milk is delicious! Especially warmed and with Swiss chocolate!
Cultural moment: rumor has it that Swiss and Dutch cows produce the best milk because they have plenty of space to walk and eat freely. So that's is the reason they have the best reputation of chocolate, milk and yogurt! (I was already a huge fan of Swiss chocolates, and after tasting the milk and yogurt I can say it is a well-deserved fame!)

Another exhilarating experience: sledding in Grindelwald.

That's what I call a White Xmas!!

My first and successful experience with the sled!

Goat on its doorstep ...

More wanderings around the city ...

I knew I would love Switzerland and I was not wrong. Everything is organized, quiet, charming, with good food and, of course, lots of snow and cold weather! And, in the luggage, tons of Swiss chocolate!