February 18, 2013


I still need to post the last part of my vacation (Germany!) but I haven't chosen the pictures yet (so many!!). Meanwhile I will give you a very good tip from LA: Milk.

A mix of restaurant / bakery / ice cream parlor, with an unpretentious vibe and good food!

We had salads and ice cream. The salad portion is generous and everything was very fresh and well seasoned!

They have a delicious dessert counter with cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and they're also specialized in ice cream. We chose mint, banana and peanut butter. They are super creamy and available in cones/cups, bars and take-out versions.

A small place, affordable and perfect to go any time of day. Makes me want to go back and try everything!

February 13, 2013

In love: Iphone Horn Amplifier

I almost went crazy when I saw this amazing Iphone Horn Amplifier! It's not a secret that I love pretty much everything that has gold on it. And since I have some "country roots", when I saw this golden horn-shaped amplifier, oh my... There is no way not to love it!

Produced in Italy, is made of ceramic and plated with 24k gold. The price is insane but, thankfully, we can dream for free! (downside: it's not compatible with Iphone 5)