December 23, 2011


Everyone is ready for the holidays, so my post today is simply to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL 2012! I want you all to be happy, enjoy life, do good, pay more attention to each other, and have health and strength to face the challenges that might appear ahead.

Celebrate life! Enjoy the moments! Love and be loved, and stay peaceful with yourself and others (those interested, you can celebrate in high style with this Moet & Chandon golden bottle special edition)

Thank you for being around! 2011 was very special to me and you're a huge part of it. Next week, the posts will not be as constant, but I promise you that many other cool ideas are to come!

December 22, 2011

In love: yoga pose cookie cutters

Want a break from the traditional gingerbread men cookie cutter? So, why not use these that mimic yoga poses and have your gingerbread men doing down dog, tree or warrior I? Cute, right? They're a little bit expensive but I loved them!


Details... (Christmas Edition)

A peek at my Christmas decor...

Next week, I will post pictures of the dinner and the menu!

December 21, 2011

This week's DELIGHT: Broccoli Crunch Slaw

I know the weather is not perfect for a salad, but if you're spending your holidays in a hotter place, at someone's house or want to have a break from all the heavy food you had for Thanksgiving, here's a delicious recipe: broccoli crunch slaw.

It's different and tasty, and can be served as a side or even main dish. It travels well and can be made in large quantities. This salad and a glass of wine, humm... delish and guilty free!

December 20, 2011

Flower of the Week: Poinsettia (of course!)

Nothing better than a traditional Christmas flower to enhance holidays spirit at home!

Good idea: Mingling Plate

If you're tired of trying to balance your food and drink while standing at a cocktail party, brunch or informal dinner, here's a great idea: a mingling plate - a plate that comes with holder for your wine glass leaving your other hand free for you to eat easily!

It can be found in different materials (porcelain, plastic, wood), and is a great idea to give as a gift or to have at home if you like to entertain!

December 19, 2011

Christmas Gift Bags

This year, I was very excited about my adventures in the kitchen and, along with my friend Beverly, we decided to give our friends, relatives and loved ones boxes filled with Xmas goodies.
After weeks of planning, shopping, and a few days in the kitchen, we've already distributed nearly 60 boxes, and the project is a total success!

We made gingerbread cookies, lavender shortbread; mint oreo dipped in chocolate; matzoh crunch, and the plan was to also have mini chocottones, but the recipe did not work well and we had to replace it (but I'll try again next year!). Beverly made brownie and I made two types of brigadeiro (a very typical Brazilian treat made with condensed milk): passion fruit and contreau with cranberries.
Throughout the weeks I'll post the recipes, but here are some pictures of our day in the kitchen and the final result.

I suggest everyone to do a project like this at least once. It's so good to dedicate time to the people you love. You will feel good and I'm sure everyone will appreciate it. If you don't want to do it by yourself, call a friend and it will be even better! I spent incredible hours with Bev, and it was so great that we're already thinking about next year!

December 16, 2011


Summer is getting closer in Brazil so this week's Cheers! I chose a very refreshing Italian drink: Sgroppino

1 cup chilled prosecco
2 tbsp chilled vodka
1/3 cup lemon sorbet
1/4 tsp chopped fresh mint leaves

Pour the prosecco and vodka into 2 flute glasses, equally divided. Add one scoop of lemon sorbet into each flute and sprinkle fresh mint.

This drink is great for a hot day, brunch or cocktail. I also think that you can try your our version using other flavors of sorbet (such as orange, peach, etc..)

Enjoy this weekend and I hope you finish buying your Xmas gifts and foods, because we only have one week!!

December 15, 2011

Good idea: Buy My Drap

This idea is amazing, especially if you like to entertain at home, and want to set an elegant table, but you don't want to use (and wash later) cloth napkins: Buy My Drap.
Buy My Drap is a company that makes disposable cotton (or linen) napkins! They are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! I mean, you're going to serve a cloth napkin with the convenience of a paper one.

To make it even easier, the napkins are sold in rolls that you can tear off, and are available in 29 different colors and 5 sizes. Perfect for picnics, barbecues, birthdays, dinners, cocktails etc.

Making easier the life of a hostess, but still with elegance.

December 14, 2011

Getting inspired for Christmas - Part 3

We are almost at the finish line for the holiday season, but we still find lots of good ideas: candles, dried fruits, gold, red, bows, flowers ...

Photos: Real Simple, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate& Barrel, Williams & Sonoma

December 13, 2011

In love! EVOO from Selfridges

I love EVOO and when it comes in a beautiful bottle like this, I love even more!

This EVOO is from Selfridges and it's perfect not only to have at home, but also as a gift for someone else!

December 12, 2011

This week's DELIGHT: Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

I always thought that upside-down cakes were to difficult to make, but I made this one a couple of weeks ago and it was very easy. Loved it!

You can make this cake with any other berry that I think will be very good too. And at summer time, this cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream should be even better!

Check out the recipe here.

December 09, 2011


Weekend is here and to get in the mood for the holiday season, here's a perfect drink, very refreshing, that should appeal especially to women: Disaronno Stardusk

50 ml of Disaronno (or any other almond liqueur)
25 ml of vodka
25 ml strawberry liqueur

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a flute glass and fill it with prosecco (make sure all ingredients are chilled!)

A beautiful weekend, everyone!

December 08, 2011

December 07, 2011


Here in LA there is always some new idea from the culinary world, and this time, the novelty is (Fonuts).
Recently opened (Fonuts) sells baked donuts. That's right! Baked!
I've had the opportunity to try them a few times, and they don't taste like a real donut, but it is so good that you will not even think about the other one.
The dough melts in your mouth and the flavors are yummy: banana, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, glazed, strawberry buttermilk, lemon, peanut butter, salted caramel, and my favorite, maple bacon, dough topped with glaze and bits of maple bacon.
They also have vegan and gluten free options. And I've tried these too, and if no one tells you, you won't notice the difference!

The last time I was there, I had (clockwise): chocolate hazelnut (gluten free), maple bacon, banana (gluten free and vegan) and strawberry icing. One very different from the other, but 2 thumbs up for all of them!

To eat (almost) with no guilty!

December 06, 2011

Getting inspired for Chrismas - Part 2

Ready for more good ideas for Christmas decorations? So here are some super cute suggestions such as wreath ​​with ribbon, different types of candles, nutcrackers, pine cones, vases with flowers, fruits and leaves, tree ornaments and so on...

Don't you feel that you wanna decor your home with all this ideas? (I do!)

Photos: Real Simple, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate& Barrel, Williams & Sonoma, Tiffany