July 28, 2013

Details - "Foods & Drinks" Version

Salad, The Farm of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA

Biergarten, The Standard Hotel, Downtown LA

Rainbow Sushi, Crazy Rock n'Sushi, West Hollywood, CA

Salmon Tartare, Spencer's, Palm Springs, CA

Quinoa Salad (french fries with truffle oil), Viceroy Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Homemade Smoothie (eyeballing): organic almond milk, organic blueberries, banana, oats and chia seeds.

Banana and Nutella Pie, The Pie Hole, Downtown LA

Bowl, Chipotle

"Homemade" Croissants (using Pillsbury dough)

And to DETOX all this: GREEN JUICE (eyeballing): organic cucumber, organic carrots, organic apple, organic spinach (or mint), water (or coconut water), ginger powder (or the real one!)

July 14, 2013

My Favorites: The Churchill, LA

Last Sunday I was feeling too lazy to cook and since the fridge was empty, we had to go out to lunch. Well, I'm so glad you did because I found one of the best Eggs Benedict ever!!

The place is called The Churchill and I always thought it was a pub, but it is not! It is a restaurant / bar with a cool vibe, beautiful people and a delicious brunch!

Hubby ordered steak and eggs. The pic doesn't do justice to the steak (it is underneath the bread!). But it is a super tender great size steak.

My Benedict came with corn bread instead of English muffin!! Oh Lord... It comes in an individual iron pan, super hot and delicious! The sauce was light and paired very well with corn bread.

For sure this place is gonna join my list of favorites and I will come back for more! (every Sunday brunch they offer bottomless mimosa (pay one, drink several!) Not bad, huh?