September 22, 2013

Wurstküche, Downtown LA

This post pays homage to my German in-laws: a simple but cool German restaurant in the Arts District Downtown LA: Wurstkuche.

It's a small modern place that serves delicious traditional (and non-traditional too) grilled sausages and some nice German beers!

You order at the counter (you choose the sausage and the sides) and they bring them over to your table which is already fully stocked with a fair variety of mustards.

It's a great option for those days you want to eat fast food but with better taste, cool people and nicer environment (in the main area - pic below - they have a DJ playing live).

September 08, 2013

In love: Rockabye

How not to fall in love with these rockers from RockAbye?

Super cute, with colorful and playful designs, they do not resemble anything the rocker chairs of my time.

The price is higher than average but the company claims excellent quality and you should also think it as a piece of decor for your kid's bedroom.

Rocking the rockers!

September 02, 2013

New York, 2013

Last month I had the opportunity to visit NY again. So exciting!!
It was a business trip, so I didn't have too much time to try new and fancy restaurants or go on long walks, but I did get to visit new places (I finally crossed the bridge and went to Brooklyn!), go to museums and revisit a couple of my favorite places (Eataly and Bouchon, for example). Here are some delicious moments of the trip that I was able to capture:

Happy Hour at Eataly

Breakfast at Bouchon (cafe latte with brioche and jam)

Central Park from above (Mandarin Oriental Hotel)

Manhattan "seen with Brooklyn eyes" (Williamsborough Bridge)

Drinks and late lunch at Rabbit Hole. Brooklyn, NY.

Running some errands... (I couldn't stop myself from walking "gazillion" blocks as I always do when in NY)

Hot Dog at Times Square (Why not, right?)

Running some errands - part two...

Delicious lunch at Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs (so good!)

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