July 29, 2012

In love: Candle Wax Vase

Here is an amazing idea: a candle wax vase, made ​​of blown glass. So far, nothing too amazing, but the thing is that as the candle melts, the wax falls into the vase, filling it and forming an image (which reminds me of those sand drawings). Another great thing about it, is that when the vase is full, you can send it back to the designers and they will send you a new one!
It's a bit expensive, but think of this product as 3 in 1: vase, candle holder and artwork! And as they are hand-blown, one will always be different from another. Definitely in love!

July 23, 2012


A "dog-bear" in Beverly Hills.

A very feminine car (nice eyelashes, girl!)

Summer late afternoon.

Ziggy Marley's concert at Hollywood Bowl.

Strawberry chocolate cake (I guess it was good, right?)

One of my new obsessions now that my hair is long: ballerina buns!

July 22, 2012

This Week's DELIGHT: Orange Tea Cake

Starting the week with one cake that is a classic in most Brazilian grandma's kitchens: Orange Tea Cake!

Simple and delicious, it's perfect with a cup of hot or iced tea. Fluffy and made with real orange, it's definitely a keeper!

July 16, 2012

Baco Mercat, LA

As you may have noticed, I've been out for a while because, lately, some cool projects are happening to me and they're taking almost all of my time. But that does not mean I forgot you! I'm still in my search for cool tips and here is a good one: the restaurant Baco Mercat, in Downtown, LA.

Opened in 2011, is a mixture of restaurant/bar, with a relaxed vibe and distinctive menu (the chef is the former executive chef of Lazy Ox Canteen, another place with interesting and delicious food).

They serve small portions perfect for sharing, and the ideal is to order about 4 dishes per couple - which is not a bad idea looking at their options. The place is known for the baco: a sandwich made ​​with a homemade kind-of-pita-bread with different fillings. In this case, one per person is enough. So we ordered two bacos (original and meatballs) and a salad (tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and burrata).

We loved everything! It's all very fresh and tasty. The meatballs baco is delicious! It is a nice place to hang out with friends, eat good food and have a glass of chilled wine (or beer)!

July 09, 2012

Bubble Gum Alley

During our quick trip to San Luis Obispo, walking through the streets, we found the Bubble Gum Alley. That's right, an alley whose walls are almost completely covered with chewed gum! People go there and leave their "mark" sticking their chewed gum on the wall!

This alley is next to a bar that tells the story of gum and the alley, but we didn't go there to check (neither had the courage to walk between these walls...)

Disgusting, but interesting!

July 05, 2012

This week's DELIGHT: Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese

Yesterday was Independence Day - also known as National BBQ Day - and everyone gets together with friends and family to celebrate this important date and watch fireworks. But hubby and I had another plan since a huge event was happening in Brazil (our local soccer team was playing the final of a very important LATAM Championship - we won!!). 
We were nervous and anxious, so we decided to spend the day at home preparing for the big game. But we didn't stay out of the celebrations: I made a filet mignon topped with blue cheese and salad (arugula, tomato, carrot, dried cranberry and avocado). That was our BBQ!

I'm not a steak expert but I have to admit that this one could be served in any steakhouse! I like a very thick cut and I don't let it cook too much so the steak doesn't get dry or rubbery (medium, medium-rare).
Once the steak is ready, turn off the heat, put a few chunks of cheese on top, cover with the lid and let it soften (a minute or two).

You can use your grill or skillet (cast iron or regular). I used a regular skillet. Serve it right away with a delicious salad and voilá! A steakhouse at your house!

July 04, 2012

In love: Art & Cook

I never get tired of looking for really cool stuff for my home and kitchen. And it was in one of these searches that I found Art & Cook kitchen supplies. Modern, colorful and with nice design, there is no way of not falling in love with them!

July 02, 2012

Road Trip: Pismo Beach, CA

This weekend, hubby and I took a road trip and drove 220 miles, heading North, toward Pismo Beach.

The drive is beautiful. We took PCH which is the same highway that takes you to Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

We were enjoying the scenery and having a good time. And when was time for lunch, we stopped in Santa Barbara and picked a restaurant, randomly, called Cafe Stella.

It's a bistro with delicious and simple food. We ordered two salads and a cheesecake!

And then we arrived at the hotel late afternoon ...

The next day we visited one of most historic cities in California called San Luis Obispo. It's an old town with numerous shops, restaurants and visitors. And, again, randomly, we chose a restaurant that, to our pleasant surprise, served delicious salads! I ordered quinoa salad (second photo) and it was very similar to those I make at home, but there was one thing that stood out: watermelon! But the combination worked and I loved it! (they also used that balsamic drizzle I already told you about here)

After this delicious lunch, we drove back home and enjoyed - one more time - all the beauties California has to offer! It's going to be a great summer!