July 02, 2012

Road Trip: Pismo Beach, CA

This weekend, hubby and I took a road trip and drove 220 miles, heading North, toward Pismo Beach.

The drive is beautiful. We took PCH which is the same highway that takes you to Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

We were enjoying the scenery and having a good time. And when was time for lunch, we stopped in Santa Barbara and picked a restaurant, randomly, called Cafe Stella.

It's a bistro with delicious and simple food. We ordered two salads and a cheesecake!

And then we arrived at the hotel late afternoon ...

The next day we visited one of most historic cities in California called San Luis Obispo. It's an old town with numerous shops, restaurants and visitors. And, again, randomly, we chose a restaurant that, to our pleasant surprise, served delicious salads! I ordered quinoa salad (second photo) and it was very similar to those I make at home, but there was one thing that stood out: watermelon! But the combination worked and I loved it! (they also used that balsamic drizzle I already told you about here)

After this delicious lunch, we drove back home and enjoyed - one more time - all the beauties California has to offer! It's going to be a great summer!

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