April 30, 2012

The Sunset Restaurant, Malibu

Don't forget this name: The Sunset Restaurant, in Malibu.

This restaurant always caught my attention because of its location (end of a quiet street - during winter - and beach front) and the vibe. I searched the internet and talked with friends who live in Malibu, and I came to the conclusion that the restaurant was worth a visit. It was a perfect place to take my in-laws to (as you can see, their visit yielded so many nice tours!), so there we went!

It was amazing: beautiful day, chilly white wine and wonderful food. And we also got to see dolphins swimming in the ocean while eating!

It's a little bit expensive, but the portions are generous and, with a view like this, you don't think about the price that much! After lunch, I suggest crossing the street, take your shoes off and take a walk on the beach ... Simply the best!

April 26, 2012

Farmer's Market, Brazil

As everybody knows, I've just spent a few weeks in Brazil, and during these days, I went to Rio and also did some sightseeing in São Paulo.
One of the places I loved to visit again was the farmer's market. Today, with supermarkets and grocery stores, there really isn't much need to go to a farmer's market but, unlike here in the U.S., Brazilian farmer's market are incredible, huge, with a endless range of delicious fruits and vegetables at a very small price.

If you don't live in Brazil, when you're there, be sure to go to one. But if you do live there and farmer's market isn't part of your routine, go to one at least once a month so you can try a bunch of fresh fruits, listen to the mess of people talking and shouting about their prices and food, and go home with a bag filled with healthy food that you've paid a bargain for!

And, as tradition says, after food-shopping, stop at the pastel tent and eat this typical farmer's market food!(pastel is like a turnover but, in this case, deep-fried. You can find them filled with ground beef, or cheese, ham, chicken, codfish etc...)

A feast for your eyes and your stomach, and good for your wallet too!

April 20, 2012


To celebrate another weekend, today's Cheers! brings a drink which, at first, may sound strange, but I heard is very good and refreshing. I haven't tried it, but I confess I'm curious, because I love all the ingredients in this Portonic.

2 1/2 oz white Port wine
tonic water
lemon slices

In a glass filled with ice, pour the white Port and top it with tonic water (you can use the diet version too). Garnish with lemon slice. You can have it before or even after meals.

A peaceful weekend everyone!

April 18, 2012

Solvang, CA

About a month ago, I took my in-laws to visit Solvang, here in California.

Solvang is a Danish town inside the United States. The houses, restaurants and food are all very typical.

We stayed at the Hotel Corque, a super charming boutique hotel!

Besides touring in the city, Solvang is located at the Santa Ynez Valley region, full of great wineries. We went to Firestone Vineyard and had a wonderful wine tasting! But I'll talk about it another time because I have some very cool pictures I want to show you.

American Denmark or Danish America?

April 17, 2012

Good ideas!

Searching for cool things, I found three good ideas that I'll share with you:

The first one is a garbage bag that mimics a goldfish bag. So cute and much more pleasant to look at than your ordinary trash bag, right?

You can buy this cork coasterbut if you have some corks left at home, a hot glue gun and some skill, you can make your own at home.

And, finally, honey spoons. Imagine using these cute spoons during some tea time with friends or with your daily hot milk or tea? That's a good idea!

April 16, 2012

Girl from Ipanema...

I went to Rio de Janeiro for a very quick visit. The reason of my trip was to stay with my youngest niece, but still we could go to a few places and I took some pictures that show you that yes, o Rio de Janeiro continua lindo! (Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful!)

We went to Market Ipanema, a restaurant that I posted here, and thanks to this suggestion I can say it's one of the best restaurants I've been to: delicious typical Brazilian food in such a pleasant place.
We ordered a pumpkin quinoa quiche with vegetables, potato salad and filet mignon with mashed potatoes.

To drink, natural pressed juices and, for dessert, banana ice cream with paçoca (typical Brazilian treat made with peanuts), dulce de leche ice cream and apple crumble.

We finished our meal with expresso and brigadeiro in a spoon! (brigadeiro is another typical Brazilian treat made with condensed milk and cocoa powder). Everything is so well made, organic and delicious!

After this wonderful lunch, we walked on the beach. What a day, right? 

April 11, 2012

Herb Gardens

I love the idea of ​​having my own fresh herbs, available in my yard or by my window. Until some years ago, if you wanted to grow your own herbs, you would need a house with a big yard or live in the countryside. However, nowadays there are nice herb gardens that you can keep indoors and with artificial light!
It's not difficult to find houses with these herb gardens by the windows in LA and, oddly enough, they look beautiful and kind of easy to use. If you are up to do this, and if you buy the right products (seeds, soil etc), I think it can work!
For those who might like this adventure, here are some cool options:




PS: I won't be able to post the next days, but I'll be back next week with more tips and newsA great week to all!

April 09, 2012

This week's DELIGHT: Bread Roll

This Week's DELIGHT is very handy: bread roll with pizza dough.
There is no recipe, but it is very simple and perfect for those days when we need to come up with something quick and tasty.

Here in LA it's very easy to find pizza dough in supermarkets. It's sold in bags and you just roll out the dough with a roller and it's ready. But instead of pizza, I make bread rolls. If you prefer - or don't find that kind of dough on the shelves - you can make it from scratch (soon, I will make a "legitimate" bread roll, my grandma's recipe, and I'll post here for you).

I rolled out the dough, filled with cooked spinach, dried tomatoes and grated mozzarella. Rolled like a roulade, brushed with eggs on top and placed in the oven. Fifteen minutes and it's ready! As side dish, I made a salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese (a Greek cheese). Yummy!

April 04, 2012

Southern California Flower Market

A great place to buy flowers is the Flower Market in Los Angeles, Downtown. It's located at the Flower District, and there you will find several shops selling flowers, plants, pots etc..

I bought a beautiful white orchid, some pots (very cheap) and one bouquet. It's a delight for flower lovers!