April 26, 2012

Farmer's Market, Brazil

As everybody knows, I've just spent a few weeks in Brazil, and during these days, I went to Rio and also did some sightseeing in São Paulo.
One of the places I loved to visit again was the farmer's market. Today, with supermarkets and grocery stores, there really isn't much need to go to a farmer's market but, unlike here in the U.S., Brazilian farmer's market are incredible, huge, with a endless range of delicious fruits and vegetables at a very small price.

If you don't live in Brazil, when you're there, be sure to go to one. But if you do live there and farmer's market isn't part of your routine, go to one at least once a month so you can try a bunch of fresh fruits, listen to the mess of people talking and shouting about their prices and food, and go home with a bag filled with healthy food that you've paid a bargain for!

And, as tradition says, after food-shopping, stop at the pastel tent and eat this typical farmer's market food!(pastel is like a turnover but, in this case, deep-fried. You can find them filled with ground beef, or cheese, ham, chicken, codfish etc...)

A feast for your eyes and your stomach, and good for your wallet too!

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