April 09, 2012

This week's DELIGHT: Bread Roll

This Week's DELIGHT is very handy: bread roll with pizza dough.
There is no recipe, but it is very simple and perfect for those days when we need to come up with something quick and tasty.

Here in LA it's very easy to find pizza dough in supermarkets. It's sold in bags and you just roll out the dough with a roller and it's ready. But instead of pizza, I make bread rolls. If you prefer - or don't find that kind of dough on the shelves - you can make it from scratch (soon, I will make a "legitimate" bread roll, my grandma's recipe, and I'll post here for you).

I rolled out the dough, filled with cooked spinach, dried tomatoes and grated mozzarella. Rolled like a roulade, brushed with eggs on top and placed in the oven. Fifteen minutes and it's ready! As side dish, I made a salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese (a Greek cheese). Yummy!

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