April 16, 2012

Girl from Ipanema...

I went to Rio de Janeiro for a very quick visit. The reason of my trip was to stay with my youngest niece, but still we could go to a few places and I took some pictures that show you that yes, o Rio de Janeiro continua lindo! (Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful!)

We went to Market Ipanema, a restaurant that I posted here, and thanks to this suggestion I can say it's one of the best restaurants I've been to: delicious typical Brazilian food in such a pleasant place.
We ordered a pumpkin quinoa quiche with vegetables, potato salad and filet mignon with mashed potatoes.

To drink, natural pressed juices and, for dessert, banana ice cream with paçoca (typical Brazilian treat made with peanuts), dulce de leche ice cream and apple crumble.

We finished our meal with expresso and brigadeiro in a spoon! (brigadeiro is another typical Brazilian treat made with condensed milk and cocoa powder). Everything is so well made, organic and delicious!

After this wonderful lunch, we walked on the beach. What a day, right? 

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