April 30, 2012

The Sunset Restaurant, Malibu

Don't forget this name: The Sunset Restaurant, in Malibu.

This restaurant always caught my attention because of its location (end of a quiet street - during winter - and beach front) and the vibe. I searched the internet and talked with friends who live in Malibu, and I came to the conclusion that the restaurant was worth a visit. It was a perfect place to take my in-laws to (as you can see, their visit yielded so many nice tours!), so there we went!

It was amazing: beautiful day, chilly white wine and wonderful food. And we also got to see dolphins swimming in the ocean while eating!

It's a little bit expensive, but the portions are generous and, with a view like this, you don't think about the price that much! After lunch, I suggest crossing the street, take your shoes off and take a walk on the beach ... Simply the best!

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