August 31, 2011

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a Mexican fast food chain that you can build your own burrito, taco or bowls.
With several stores in Los Angeles, they are different from other fast food chains simply because they are healthy! How come? Even though it is still fast food, the food is fresh, bought locally, and most of them are organics (40% of the beans used by them are organics). And everything is prepared in location. Nothing is pre-made!
The company is also concerned about the way animals are treated, so they only work with family farmers who raise the animals naturally, grain/grass fed, and no hormones nor additives.
The stores are packed, the service is fast and they are always trying different things (the website is very interesting and, through it, you can also place your orders). I've tried the burrito and I can say that you can notice the delicious taste of home cooking food!

As they say: "It's not just a burrito. It's a foiled-wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness".

August 30, 2011

This week's DELIGHT!

Homemade Zucchini Spice Bread (find the recipe here)

Disposable and elegant

Concert's summer season is almost over here in the U.S. and one nice thing is that since you can take your own food to almost all the places, you end up finding lots of interesting things. And one of them is Joanne Hudson's disposable utensils made of bamboo and leaves.
Well made and high-quality, these disposables are 100% natural and biodegradable. The Verterra line (pictured below) is made ​​from fallen leaves that are cleaned and pressed, I mean, no tree is necessary to make the products. And they decompose in 60 days! Amazing, right?

You can have a party, a barbecue or a picnic with these disposables, since they also carry cutlery and plates of different sizes and shapes, trays and platters.

Chic and eco-friendly even when using disposable utensils!

August 29, 2011

Nespresso - Champs Elysees

If you do not mind paying 4 euros for a expresso, Nespresso store on the Champs Elysees, in Paris, is a must!
Located in one of the most famous avenues in the world, the jaw-dropping store makes you want to pay those 4 euros: the store is fully loaded with coffee machines, accessories, capsules, chocolates and biscuits. Incredibly well decorated, with a sophisticated environment and attentive staff.
You can enjoy your coffee with some pastry they also offer inside the store.

A well-deserved rest after a little shopping in the shops around ...

August 28, 2011


As I said earlier here, I'm in a constantly search to improve the blog in order to make it more interesting and enjoyable for you, my readers. This time, I have three new features:

1 - you can receive the posts in your email simply by writing your email address in the "Receive posts by email" (upper right side of the screen). After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Just click on the link and voilá. It's done!

2 - check out the delicious recipes I prepare and post here on the blog by clicking on the image "Recipes".

3 - for a more specific search, on the bottom right side of the screen, there is "Search this blog." Simply write down the word and all the posts related to that word will show up.

I hope you have fun with these new features and stay tuned because much more is still to come!

Good week everyone!

August 26, 2011


The Cheers! of this week is to be kept in a special notebook and never forgotten: it is a Mojito's recipe given by La Bodequita del Medio which, as you could see here, makes the world's most famous mojito! 

In a tall glass:
1/2 tsp granulated sugar
1/2oz lemon juice
Mint leaves with stems (macerate stems only, be careful to not hurt the leaves)
2 to 3 ice cubes
1 1/2oz Havana Club Rum 3 years old (or any good Cuban rum)
3oz sparkling water

Stir all the ingredients together (sparking water for last) and it is ready!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Good idea!

Weekend is on the corner and for most of Brazilians there is a big chance of having a pasta lunch at your mother/grandmother/mother in law's house (this is a Brazilian tradition: to eat pasta on Sunday's lunch at any parent's house). So why not seize this moment and the whole family with these cute napkins?

I'm sure your lunch will be even funnier!

August 25, 2011

Market Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

This post is very special to me because it is the first time I'm writing a tip from a reader!
Fabio M. (aê!) has a tip from a pretty yummy restaurant in Rio de Janeiro (yes, readers, this time the restaurant is near you!) called Market Ipanema.
Hidden behind a small door in the Visconde de Pirajá is this charming restaurant, multicolored, that since 2008 offers healthy Brazilian food in a relaxed and enjoyable venue.
You notice the attention to details: warm bread, music and high-quality ingredients - many of them organic. The restaurant also offers juices, drinks and desserts (according to Fabio the banana cobler is a must!).

A small door that opens up to a world of flavors!

Photos: Fábio M.

Tabasco Family Reserve

For hot sauce lovers, I've discovered Tabasco Family Reserve - a very special edition of the already famous traditional Tabasco. This version is special and more expensive than other hot sauces' brands because of the quality of the peppers and its processing: every year the best peppers are picked, set aside, crushed, salted and taken to a barrel for 3 years. Sometimes they are in barrel for 8 years until they are ready to be mixed with high-quality white vinegar, strained and bottled.
This special edition is distributed only among family members responsible for the production of the hot sauce (McIlhenny family) and their closest friends - from there comes the name Family Reserve - but occasionally, they create a special packaging and to our joy, sell them to general public!

August 24, 2011

In love! Bar and Sheets Softeners

Some time ago I discovered the sheet softener and I became a fan because they make clothes as soft and fragrant as the normal liquid fabric softeners.
I use products from Bounce. They have sheets and bars with different scents that you put together with the clothes in the dryer and when the cycle is over, the clothes are soft and smelling fresh.
The sheets, once used, are thrown away, but the bars can stay on your machine up to 4 months.
And if you want just to give a refresh smell to any piece that was used once (like a towel), you can use the 15 minute dry cleaner (it also helps to remove stains).

Supermarkets' shelves are filled with brands offering similar products (sheets, bars, balls, eco-friendly etc). You just need to find your favorite!


Le jardins Marie-Antoinette (Versailles, France)

August 23, 2011

Boon Inc

In one of my internet researches I found Boon Inc.
With innovative design, their specialty is to create and to give a new face to objects that can make child and parents' lives easier, and not only during bath and lunch time but also when it comes to play, decorate and organize.
Their website has some really cool ideas and the prices are very reasonable (also available at Amazon). I selected some interesting products:

- Toys/bath accessories organizer (with holes that drain the water)

- wrap protective bowl cover (to fit different sizes)

- a storage bag that also works for sitting and decorating

- utensils and lawn countertop drying rack   

For a more modern and colorful baby and home!

Rock n' Roll Biographies

If you, like me, is passionate about biographies - rock stars' bios! - so get ready: besides Keith Richard's bio Life, launched late last year, and Steven Tyler's Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, launched in May this year, this October (with pre-sales already available) will hit American shelves It is so Easy: and Other Lies, by Duff McKagan, bassist and founding member of the amazing band Guns n 'Roses. Besides talking about GN'R great times, he talks a lot about alcoholism, sobriety, life after GN'R, Velvet Revolver and more.
I read a detailed review about it and, for me, the book is already a must!


August 22, 2011

Skullcandy Headphones

I've been noticing that the use of those big headphones is getting back full force and one of the major responsible for this come back is Skullcandy.
American brand of headphones, Skullcandy has been in business for less than 10 years but already has a huge amount of products and admirers, and it's a hot brand for DJs, hipsters and extreme sports' lovers.
Their stunning designs as well as the different types of headphones on any color you can imagine, pleased so much the consumers that the brand has expanded their business to a line of clothing and accessories.
PS: if you still prefer earphones, don't worry, they also have an extended catalogue!

My Favorites: Umami Burger

Umami Burger is a modest diner in a small place in a not so pretty neighborhood (I'm talking about the one at La Brea), and you would not expect much from the burgers if you haven't heard about them before. But when you get inside, the vibe is totally different, cool, the waiters are super fast and the burgers... Humm .. They have a menu with a few burgers and I can say that one is better than the other!
Going for the first time, try their staple: Umami Burger (second photo below). The meat is ultra tasty and the bread is incredibly soft. The secret seasoning, they say, is called umami: a fifth element - besides savory, sweet, bitter and sour - created by the Japaneses. No one explains very well what it is or how it is done, but you really don't care because you'll love the burger anyway!

The place is famous here in LA and there is always a waiting list to get a table (yesterday I waited for less than 10 minutes but it was not peak hour), but it was worth waiting every minute to savor this incredible burger!

August 19, 2011


This week's Cheers! is a little different: instead of proposing a drink, my suggestion is for you to go to a good liquor store and buy a Japanese beer called Hitachino Nest Beer.
A few years I've been tasting different beers and Hitachino White Ale won me over because it has a hint of orange and nutmeg, and even though it is a wheat beer, it is very light (wheat beers are usually a little heavier than barley) .
Because of its citrus touch, Hitachino beer appeals mainly to women (not to mention the ultra-charming bottle and cap!)

Have a great weekend!

Planet Aid

Planet Aid is an organization with a very good idea: they distribute big metal boxes for anyone to drop clothes and shoes off to be donated to people in need.
Here in Los Angeles, the yellow boxes are everywhere. And thanks to them, today there are many other companies that followed their steps and also provide this kind of service.
Planet Aid donates not only clothes, but through financial donations, they also help fighting poverty and diseases, and developing communities throughout the world.
What I love about this idea is that since it is very convinient, people can not anymore rely on excuses such as: "I have to get in the car to go to a donation center", "it is far," "the traffic is heavy" and so on, for not giving things away.

No excuse for doing good!

August 18, 2011

This week's DELIGHT!

Goiabinhas! (Typical Brazilian treat). Recipe here

Travel size toiletries

I've already said here that I am totally in love with travel size toiletries (and to confirm it, the photos below are from "my personal archive"), and today I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and was surprised by the amount of miniatures they carry there! It is by far the best of all stores and drugstores! You can find absolutely everything in travel size: shampoos, face and body creams, toothpastes, deodorants, makeup removers, soaps, powders, oils, shaving foam, hair sprays, hand sanitizers, baby items and many other things that certainly will make your trip more convenient and organized!

No more beauty treatments sacrified when traveling!

August 17, 2011


As I wrote a lot about Paris this week, here is another French post about a delicious French ice cream called Berthillon.
This tip, given by a parisian friend, is amazing! The ice cream is super tasty and creamy, and you really taste the flavors (one of the flavors I had was passion fruit and it seemed like I was eating the fruit!)
You can find the ice cream in many places throughout the city but I suggest you to go to the original store on St Louis Island. Besides the ice cream, you can also go to their tea room and have other delicious treats made ​​by them.
But be prepared, the waiting line is very long especially in the summer!

In love!

I've always loved bagels and now I've found a perfect excuse to enjoy them more often at home: a bagel slicer. Perfect to cut them in half without crumbling or leaving one side much thicker than the other (God bless my manual skills!), these slicers are inexpensive and can be easily found online or home/kitchen stores. Available in different designs and materials, these "guillotine" style is used in coffee shops.

And here we go again try to find some empty espace in our kitchen for one more appliance...

August 16, 2011

New look!

As you can see, the blog has a new look! I am very excited because every day I'm learning a little more about how to edit it and how to make a better use of its tools.
I'm also working on otras cositas (other things) that will be coming very soon!
I hope you enjoy it!


Neighbor's garden (Beverly Hills, CA)

Buckingham Palace Store

When I was in London, I had to stop at Buckingham Palace ... Store! The Queen's official store! Since I was there only few days after the Prince's wedding, the store was packed with William & Kate's china, but I really wanted something more traditional.
The store has a lot of cool stuff and I wished I could buy almost everything: beautiful tea pots, tea sets, cake stands, plates, bowls, pillows, toiletries, chocolates and biscuits (don't forget the Scottish Shortbread Cookie. Besides the charming packaging, these buttery cookies are delicious!)

And to make me even happier, I found out that the store has a website and they can ship to your home! (even if you don't wanna order anything, it is worth entering the site just to check out all the cool stuff)

August 15, 2011

In love!

It's been a while that I'm in love with owls as a decor item. And this weekend I went to my favorite store to buy a few things for my house when I saw these three beautiful owls! They are perfect as cookie jars, but they can also store your keys, money, candies, chocolates etc..


Sergio Vieira de Mello - documentary

This weekend I watched a documentary that I highly recommend: Sergio.
Produced by HBO, the documentary tells the story of the Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello - one of the most important UN diplomats - since his early career until the day he died buried in the UN building, in Baghdad, on a mission in 2003 .
Extremely well produced, the documentary has emotional testimonials from people who have worked with him, his girlfriend and even the firefighters who tried to get him out. The documentary shows that there are competent people out there able to give their life to make the world a better place.

I bought the DVD through HBO's website but if you rather read the book the documentary is based on, you can buy it here.

August 12, 2011


This week, Cheers! has a special meaning to me: yesterday I published the hundredth post, and the blog is already 3 months old! Yay!
To celebrate, here's the recipe for a drink that I love: Margarita
40ml tequila
20ml triple sec (orange liqueur)
10ml lemon juice
ice cubes
Pour all ingredients in a shaker, shake it well, strain and pour into a margarita glass with salt on the glass him (rub the rim of the glass with a lemon slice so the salt can stick to it)

Salud! Deseo a todos un buen fin de semana!! (Cheers! I wish you a great weekend!)

August 11, 2011

Eco-Chevron Gas Station

I never pay attention to gas stations, and when I do is not for a good reason. But one Chevron gas station here in Los Angeles caught my attention for the opposite: clean, beautiful (especially at night with the lights on), friendly attendants, good price and, believe me, eco-friendly. It seems kind of contradictory a gas station that is eco-friendly, but they realized people's concern about the environment and used it to its favor by creating a totally different gas station, with green roof (which means fully or partially covered by plants), solar panels, stainless steel columns, and they also use rainwater to water the plants. In addition to that, the gas pumps show green messages on their screens, ask if you want a receipt or not (to reduce paper usage) and you also can leave with your hands clean since scented wipes are available for the drivers. I loved the initiative and I am loyal customer!

This week's DELIGHT!

Blueberry Muffins

August 10, 2011


New York, NY

Glass markers

I am sure you've already been in a situation where you are at a party, you leave your wine glass unattended for a second and then it's gone!
It happened to me several times and that is the reason I went searching for glass markers. I found an enormous amount of creative products ranging from super simple label that you write your name on it to colorful silicone pieces that stick to the glass.
These markers are inexpensive and easy to find (supermarkets, online, organizing store), but if you have time, creativity and manual skills, you can do them at home and personalize for any situation!

Surely these glass markers will give a charm to your party!

August 09, 2011


I discovered Amore during my walks in supermarkets. It is an Italian brand that sells some ingredients in a paste consistency in a tube (like toothpaste). They have tomatoes (dried and regular), anchovies, pepper, pesto, garlic among others.
These tubes are more practical to use because sometimes we just want to have a hint of something in our food without having to open a huge can, and then transfer the remaining to another container so you can store it properly.*
With this tubes from Amore you just open the tube, squeeze as much as you like, close it and put it back in the fridge!

* when you open a can and don't use it entirely, it is highly recommended to transfer the remaining contents into another plastic or glass compartment before placing it in the refrigerator. 


As usual, this summer several cool new stuff appeared on the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets, and one of them was Supergoop sunscreen wipes!
With SPF30, these wipes are very easy to use on a daily basis, on kids, when traveling, vacationing etc.
Supergoop! offers sunscreens in several different - and equally practical - versions: spray, stick, cream, in bulk, with serum, moisturizer etc.

August 08, 2011


La Bodeguita del Medio (Havana, Cuba)
World's most famous mojito and Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar.


This post is especially for modern moms and moms-to-be: if you like baby furniture different from the traditional, you have to know Bloom's products.
I found this brand online and I loved it! They have furniture for babies with a very modern design and very practical. Below a few things that caught my attention:
The high chair Fresco can be used for eating, playing and sleeping. It turns, climbs down, up etc.. The colors are beautiful and the design is amazing!

Alma Mini crib, made ​​of wood and stainless steel, is perfect to be taken anywhere - inside and outside the house - because it is foldable and has wheels!

And last by not least,  Coco Plexistyle or Coco Stylewood swing chairs ideal for the baby to rest and relax:

On their website you can also find tables, change stations, cribs, mattresses, bedding etc.