October 31, 2011

Flower of the week: Sunflower

In love! Moose Wall Hook

It's been a while that I'm in love with having moose/antelope head as a home decor item. For me, I've had several, but hubby thinks one is enough. But this charming Jackalope Wall Hook can be the perfect excuse: on top of being super stylish, it's still useful and you can hang your necklaces, keys, rings... Cute, right?

PS: look at the Venetian-style mirror next to the hook. It's another great tip to decor your walls at home!

Photo: Imm Living

October 28, 2011


This week's Cheers! is very festive and perfect for any holiday celebration (including Halloween, of course!): Italian Fruit Punch

2 cups orange juice
2 cups sparkling water
1/2 maraschino liqueur
1/4 limoncello
black licorice for garnish

Combine all ingredients (except black licorice) in a pitcher or punch bowl. Garnish the glasses with licorine before serving. Makes 4 cups.

This punch is a little bit different form the traditional one with fruits. But I liked the mix of ingredients and the fact that it is very easy to make. This recipe is from a Italian chef that makes delicious dishes, so I think it will be very good!

A beautiful weekend for all!!

Photo: Food Network.com

October 27, 2011


Grand Canyon, AZ

This week's DELIGHT!

As promised yesterday, here's the recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake (another delicious recipe from my friend Bev - you'll hear a lot about her, my baking partner!)
This cake is one of the best I ever tasted. Hubby, who is not a fan of pumpkin cakes, loved it and has asked me to make it again!

October 26, 2011

Halloween Special - food & beverage

This Sunday is Halloween and everyone is working on the final details for the holiday. Decorating? OK. Costumes? OK. Treats for the children? OK. Still in doubt about foods and drinks? So this post will help you with some cool ideas for your party or your kid's.
I suggest a mid/late afternoon party. This is the perfect time to set up a nice table full with delightful treats while the kids play Trick or Treat.
The menu can be simple and delicious: for the children (and some adults), go with cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, cookies, candied apples, meringues, marshmallows, milk shakes, hot chocolate, apple juice.





For the adults, have some drinks like sangria, punch (with or without alcohol), martini and cosmopolitan (other suggestions here), chocolate fondue, pumpkin bread (I'll give a great recipe tomorrow!) and appetizers like nuts, cheeses, olives, chips, finger food etc.. But if you want to serve something else, a quiche and a salad would be very good options.





You can find pretty much everything on the shelves of supermarkets (cake mix, cookies, pancakes, whoopies, hot chocolate etc.). So take advantage of it!
I hope you really enjoy this Halloween! With or without a costume, with or without a party, having fun is what matters the most!

And next week I will show you some nice decorated houses from my neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2011

Wallcandy Arts - removable wallpapers and wall decals for kids

Thankfully, wallpapers and wall decals are not like the old ones when they used to peel off, damage the wall or the paint, not stuck right...
The market has grown and has improved, and now we have incredible options for both adults and children. A great example is Wallcandy Arts. They have a series of removable and reusable wallpapers and wall decals that will give a nice touch in your kid's room. Made in the US and with non-toxic materials, you won't need glue and they guarantee they are easy to install and by removing them, your wall is going to be perfect!
When the kids are tired of their bedroom's decor or you want to do something temporarily (Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner!), just peel it off, store and switch to another! Below are some beautiful options (on their website you will find many others):




Another great idea are the chalkboards. And some of them also work for adults: you can use it in your kitchen for grocery lists, in the home office for your to-do lists or in the hallway for messages and reminders. Cool, right?

Photos: Wallcandy Arts.

October 24, 2011

Churros Calientes: the best churro in LA!

This weekend hubby and I discovered another new place that will be part of our fall and winter's rotine for sure: Churros Calientes! A super simple charming small place that serves authentic Spanish churros (a Spain's traditional treat: a golden crispy dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon) and its variations.
The Venezuelan owners are super friendly and the churros are fresh and made ​​with organic high-quality ingredients.
We did not resist the mix of nations and we ordered a Spanish churros with Argentinean dulce de leche filling accompanied by a Cuban coffee (expresso made ​​with sugar - that was my hubby's choice and he approved it. I stuck to mine with sweetener). And everything was so good that we ordered twice!
They also serve churros stuffed with guava past, Nutella, cream cheese etc.. But I also suggest you to order the traditional one (no filling), accompanied by a cup of thick hot chocolate to dip the churro in it. Delish!!
When that craving moment shows up in the afternoon, this is - undoubtedly - an excellent choice!

Churros calientes y sabroso todos los días en LA! (Hot and tasty churros everyday in LA!)

October 21, 2011


Even with a not so good weather, this week's Cheers! is a delicious classic: Sex on the Beach
1 1/4oz vodka
3/4 oz peach liqueur
a splash of Grenadine
ice cubes
orange juice
orange slice and cherry to garnish

Pour all the ingredients into a high ball glass and top it up with orange juice.
It is a very delicate and refreshing drink. And it is perfect for those who enjoy a more sweet drink.

Have a lovely weekend!

October 20, 2011

My Favorites: Honor Bar Burger

This My Favorites' edition (check out previous editions) is special, because I always have great time when I'm in Honor Bar - amazing place, not only for the burger (which I will speak in a second), but also because it is a very pleasant environment, with live jazz every late afternoon, nice waiters and a ultra-affordable price.
The menu is simple but delicious with a few burgers, appetizers, wines, imported beers and fine drinks.
Hubby and I have tried almost the entire menu and came to the conclusion that the Honor Burger (first burger pic below) joins the list of our favorite burgers.
Made with meat, cheese, tomato and a special coleslaw. The salad dressing is divine and, along with a perfect cooked meat, are responsible for making it a super soft and moist burger.
Another excellent choice is Crispy Chicken Sandwich Ding's (second burger pic below). It comes with the same coleslaw but instead of meat is a delicious crispy chicken fillet!
All this accompanied by good-quality jazz, a glass of wine or beer, and a thin and crisp French fries (don't forget to ask for the 3 dressings that comes with it!)

It is a small space and happy hours are crowded, but is quieter on weekends.
Oh, and by the bar is the restaurant from the same group called South Beverly Grill. I have not had a chance to try, but some friends had and they said the food is also very good.

October 19, 2011


That's right, it's fall...

In love! Bialetti Mini Express

Who doesn't remember that Italian stove-top coffee maker? So Bialetti has launched another interesting version of that machine: the Bialetti Mini Express that can brew coffee for two at the same time!
You can buy the machine only or the set (machine, two cups and saucers).
For those who live alone, or prefer something more practical than carafe, filter etc., or even to take it to the office, it is an excellent choice!

Italian-style coffee at anytime of the day!

October 18, 2011

This week's DELIGHT: Cake Dulce de Leche

This cake was a suggestion of my friend Sylvia. She sent me the recipe, I made it and loved it!

For those interested in this loaf pan, I bought it recently and this was the first time I was using it. It's great. Even with all the 3D details, if well greased and floured the cake comes out perfectly! 

A sure bet for breakfast or an afternoon snack with a nice cup of coffee, tea or milk!

October 17, 2011

Halloween Special - Pumpkin Patch

My weekend was very productive (don't worry, during the next days I'll post here everything I did), and among the tours I did, I went to a pumpkin patch (it is not a patch "for real" because the pumpkins are already harvested!).
I was curious to know why these places drag dozens of families and celebrities seaching for the perfect pumpkin every year! I went to one of the most famous here in LA called Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. Many celebrities go there with their children (so many that the entrance has a small space reserved for the papparazzi. When I was there, there was no celebrity, but they were already there).
Like most American attractions, the idea is simple and very well executed: the venue is an open air space decorated with giant crows, skeletons, scarecrows and cornstalks, and they offer pumpkins in different sizes so you get to choose and take them home. In addition to that, there are some attractions such as face painting, carving, live animals (like ponies, goats), a slide and, of course, a store.
As I have no children, my hubby and I stayed there for 10 minutes, but it's very fun for the kids!

Halloween is not completed without a pumpkin patch visit!