October 03, 2011

Vosges Haut Chocolat

Walking through the neighborhood this weekend I saw a new store: Vosges Chocolate. Since I'm crazy about chocolate, I didn´t miss the opportunity and got to know it a little more.
I discovered that Vosges, a brand of luxury chocolates, "wants the customers to take a cultural journey through chocolate." Maybe that's why the store is so different: in its decor you can find influences of Aztec, Mayan, Moorish, and almost every chocolate is created with some spice, herb or nuts.
They have a huge variety of products ranging from bars, truffes, toffees and marshmallows to cake, pancakes and cookies mixes. The packaging is in a lovely shade of purple!
I tasted milk chocolate with bacon (you can´t taste the bacon. You feel something savory, but it is unclear that it is bacon), a dark chocolate truffle with vanilla ganache (delicious!) and, finally, milk chocolate with ed pepper (I recommend! At first you feel nothing, but after the chocolate melts in your mouth, get ready, because there is a spicy feeling coming!)
Prices are higher than you would pay for a chocolate, but you do notice the quality of the ingredients used.

It's certainly an excellent suggestion for a gift for others or for yourself!

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