October 20, 2011

My Favorites: Honor Bar Burger

This My Favorites' edition (check out previous editions) is special, because I always have great time when I'm in Honor Bar - amazing place, not only for the burger (which I will speak in a second), but also because it is a very pleasant environment, with live jazz every late afternoon, nice waiters and a ultra-affordable price.
The menu is simple but delicious with a few burgers, appetizers, wines, imported beers and fine drinks.
Hubby and I have tried almost the entire menu and came to the conclusion that the Honor Burger (first burger pic below) joins the list of our favorite burgers.
Made with meat, cheese, tomato and a special coleslaw. The salad dressing is divine and, along with a perfect cooked meat, are responsible for making it a super soft and moist burger.
Another excellent choice is Crispy Chicken Sandwich Ding's (second burger pic below). It comes with the same coleslaw but instead of meat is a delicious crispy chicken fillet!
All this accompanied by good-quality jazz, a glass of wine or beer, and a thin and crisp French fries (don't forget to ask for the 3 dressings that comes with it!)

It is a small space and happy hours are crowded, but is quieter on weekends.
Oh, and by the bar is the restaurant from the same group called South Beverly Grill. I have not had a chance to try, but some friends had and they said the food is also very good.

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