October 17, 2011

Halloween Special - Pumpkin Patch

My weekend was very productive (don't worry, during the next days I'll post here everything I did), and among the tours I did, I went to a pumpkin patch (it is not a patch "for real" because the pumpkins are already harvested!).
I was curious to know why these places drag dozens of families and celebrities seaching for the perfect pumpkin every year! I went to one of the most famous here in LA called Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. Many celebrities go there with their children (so many that the entrance has a small space reserved for the papparazzi. When I was there, there was no celebrity, but they were already there).
Like most American attractions, the idea is simple and very well executed: the venue is an open air space decorated with giant crows, skeletons, scarecrows and cornstalks, and they offer pumpkins in different sizes so you get to choose and take them home. In addition to that, there are some attractions such as face painting, carving, live animals (like ponies, goats), a slide and, of course, a store.
As I have no children, my hubby and I stayed there for 10 minutes, but it's very fun for the kids!

Halloween is not completed without a pumpkin patch visit!

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