October 06, 2011

Culinary Special! Homemade Burger!!

This recipe is to die for and is so simple that you can still make it this weekend: a delicious homemade burger!
I´ve already posted here two of my favorite burgers: Umami Burger and Father's Office. Then, past weekend, my hubby and I decided to make a mixed version of these two burgers, and the result could not have been better!
First of all, I found for sale the umami paste (the so called fifth taste) and I bought it to give it a try. For my surprise, when I checked the ingredients, there is nothing mysterious and you certainly can prepare it at home (the ingredients are: tomato paste, anchovies paste, black olives, oil, salt, pepper, garlic, balsamic).

I bought the patties but you can make them at home (Rachael Ray has excellent patties recipes!), crumbled blue cheese (or gorgonzola), arugula, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise with garlic (or aioli) and a sliced Italian bread (not too crispy).

Well, there's no secret: while the patties are in the pan (or grill), butter the bread slices and place them onto the pan/grill to toast (both sides). When they are almost done, add cheese and remove from heat (the heat of the pan is enough to melt the cheese). Blue cheese is more delicate than gorgonzola and it softens very quickly. Spread mayonnaise on one other side of the toasted bread and umami paste on the other. Then just put everything together: bread with mayonnaise, patties with cheese, arugula, cherry tomatoes, bread with umami paste. You will lick your 10 fingers! Meat is super soft, the cheese is melted and the umami really gives it a charm (even more for me since I love anchovies and black olives) and the bread was a great choice (neither heavy nor dry).

I'm waiting for comments of those who will face the challenge and will be in the kitchen this weekend preparing this delight!

A 5-stars burger from the best of all restaurants: your kitchen!

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