August 27, 2012

Good idea: Tovolo

With summer hitting high temperatures here in LA, I was researching for ice cream molds (I had some ideas...) when I found Tovolo.
This company has some really cool things, not just for kids (as you can see per my enthusiasm!) and it goes far beyond the popsicle molds which, by the way, are super cute. They have pie molds, ice cream sandwiches molds, sandwiches cutters, colorful utensils and the list goes on...

Fun food all year long!

August 20, 2012

Cheers! (no alcohol this time!)

To fight the heat it's doing here, nothing better than a fresh juice. So a good tip is to stop at the Beverly Hills Juice. A tiny shop, very simple with delicious juices!

It's been quite some time that Los Angeles is all about pressed juices (fruits processed by hydraulic pressure which, they say, have a higher nutritional content and does not oxidize as fast as the other methods).
These juices have become a must in the healthy/zen world, specially for those people who go on liquid diets, or want to detoxify, energize, etc.
The juice is very tasty. I bought this apple ginger coconut and I really liked! The juice is not too sweet and you get that "burning feeling" from the ginger (you have to really like ginger!)

For those familiar with the variety of juices and fruits in Brazil and its cheap prices, this is more expensive (I paid $ 6 a bottle), but it is worth if you want something different to keep you hydrated and refreshed especially during summer time.

August 16, 2012

This week's DELIGHT: Spicy Cookie

This week's recipe is a cookie recipe but a different one: Spicy Cookie.
It's basically a choco chips cookie but with the kick of paprika to warm it up!

It has a soft texture and it's delicious with a glass of milk or, for those who are enjoying the cold weather, a glass of warm milk or tea!

August 13, 2012


The weekend was very hot here in LA, so what's better than spending the day at the beach, the park and watching an outdoor concert? Nothing, right? And that was exactly what we did: lots of sun, sunscreen, light fresh food and fun!

Beach-front restaurant, Paradise Cove

Cool car, Venice Beach

Staying hydrated at the park

Finishing weekend with an outdoor opera

Light fresh food before the show! (and again our beloved quinoa. This time with walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes)

This photo is just to show you one of the nicest moment of American patriotism: if you look closely, you will see that everyone is singing the National Anthem facing the flag (for those who don't know, before every classical concert, the musicians play the American National Anthem)

And here comes another new week! (I promise this week I'll give you a delicious recipe)

August 05, 2012


One of the places I first visited when I got here in LA was Clementine.

I confess I did not pay too much attention at the time because I had just arrived here but now, here I am, and after a few years I went back there during 4th of July (that explains all the American flags in the pictures) and the place is really worth going: cool ambiance and a great menu with delicious pastries, salads and sweets!

I went for breakfast on a Saturday morning, but got there a little late and could not order certain plates with eggs. It was not a good start but soon I found other interesting things to eat: small biscuit with prociutto, parfait with peaches, apricots and berries, latte, fresh bagel, jam etc..

They are also known for grilled cheese, but I remembered that detail after eating my breakfast, so I have to come back again and check it out ;)
The salads and pies are amazing! I have tried a few and they were all delicious (the chicken pie is crazy good!)
Some points against the place: a little bit tricky to park, not open on Sundays and, as I said before, they stop serving certain plates with eggs at 10:30 am. But it's just a matter of planning and once you're there you will became a regular customer!