August 05, 2012


One of the places I first visited when I got here in LA was Clementine.

I confess I did not pay too much attention at the time because I had just arrived here but now, here I am, and after a few years I went back there during 4th of July (that explains all the American flags in the pictures) and the place is really worth going: cool ambiance and a great menu with delicious pastries, salads and sweets!

I went for breakfast on a Saturday morning, but got there a little late and could not order certain plates with eggs. It was not a good start but soon I found other interesting things to eat: small biscuit with prociutto, parfait with peaches, apricots and berries, latte, fresh bagel, jam etc..

They are also known for grilled cheese, but I remembered that detail after eating my breakfast, so I have to come back again and check it out ;)
The salads and pies are amazing! I have tried a few and they were all delicious (the chicken pie is crazy good!)
Some points against the place: a little bit tricky to park, not open on Sundays and, as I said before, they stop serving certain plates with eggs at 10:30 am. But it's just a matter of planning and once you're there you will became a regular customer!

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