August 20, 2012

Cheers! (no alcohol this time!)

To fight the heat it's doing here, nothing better than a fresh juice. So a good tip is to stop at the Beverly Hills Juice. A tiny shop, very simple with delicious juices!

It's been quite some time that Los Angeles is all about pressed juices (fruits processed by hydraulic pressure which, they say, have a higher nutritional content and does not oxidize as fast as the other methods).
These juices have become a must in the healthy/zen world, specially for those people who go on liquid diets, or want to detoxify, energize, etc.
The juice is very tasty. I bought this apple ginger coconut and I really liked! The juice is not too sweet and you get that "burning feeling" from the ginger (you have to really like ginger!)

For those familiar with the variety of juices and fruits in Brazil and its cheap prices, this is more expensive (I paid $ 6 a bottle), but it is worth if you want something different to keep you hydrated and refreshed especially during summer time.

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