March 31, 2013

Vacation - Part 3: Germany

Finally, here's my post about Germany! Over there we had several "first time" experiences, lots of sausages and beers (in my case, wine!).
We went to Zwingelhausen and Heidelberg but we also stopped by Stuttgart.

We started our trip by going to a typical local Christmas fair. And, for the first time, I had hot white wine (good, but I like the red version more)

The Christmas dinner had typical food and desserts by Camila - Baked Goods ;) And, for the first time, I had boar (loved it!)

In Zwingelhausen, also, for the first time, I saw an apple tree! (not in its best shape, but I loved it anyway!)

For the first time, I had brunch with sausages, pretzels (the originals!) and beers!

In Stuttgart, more beer and sausages!

We went to Heidelberg, a beautiful, historic town, with a huge university campus and a castle with bridge and dungeon!

More traditional food ...

Our last meal was in a cozy restaurant whose specialty dish is a cut of meat that comes raw on a super hot piece of stone for you to cook it yourself.

And there was much more that, unfortunately, was not photographed: a Portuguese restaurant with one of the best cod dishes; delicious meals made by my sister in law and her in-laws; on Christmas night, we walked on a vineyard under the moonlight; we had apple liqueur; tried many delicious mustard (some jars came with us!)... I mean, pretty good, right?

And that was the last part of my delightful visit to Europe! Looking forward to the next visit!

March 24, 2013

In Love: Bord Bar

When I found these trolleys of BordBar was impossible not to remember the days I worked for an airline company ;)

BordBar had the excellent idea of taking the trolleys out of airplanes and bringing them into people's home. Loved it! And you can personalize the whole thing (outside and inside - they have different types of trays: for bottles, coffee capsules, made of glass, aluminum, etc.)

You can also rent the pieces. Which maybe a good alternative, since they're not cheap. But they are multi-purpose and can be used not only as a bar, but also as a coffee station or even to store books and dvds.

Airplane lovers will love this! (I did!)

March 11, 2013

This week's DELIGHT: Baked Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

After a long time without posting any recipe, here's a pretty a easy and cute one: Baked Donuts with Chocolate Glaze.

To be quite honest, the dough does not have an amazing taste (next time, I'll add either cinnamon or cocoa powder), but the texture is great to make into this donut shape. And the glaze is simple and delicious. Pretty, right?

March 04, 2013

Movies, flowers and food!

After an intense week at work, the weekend was pretty good and Spring showed up both inside and outside. We stayed outdoors to enjoy the weather but still had time to watch movies, cook and relax!

Beautiful yellow roses for the house ...

A bowl full of sweet clementines...

The incredible film Intouchables (You have to watch it! One of the most beautiful films of the year - along with Amour!)

Chocolate cake (I know, it doesnt look like one. And we did not like it, so I am not giving you the recipe this time)

Another really funny movie that deserves to be watched (available on Netflix): Bernie

New cup to make my coffee even better!

Relaxed and recharged!