August 24, 2011

In love! Bar and Sheets Softeners

Some time ago I discovered the sheet softener and I became a fan because they make clothes as soft and fragrant as the normal liquid fabric softeners.
I use products from Bounce. They have sheets and bars with different scents that you put together with the clothes in the dryer and when the cycle is over, the clothes are soft and smelling fresh.
The sheets, once used, are thrown away, but the bars can stay on your machine up to 4 months.
And if you want just to give a refresh smell to any piece that was used once (like a towel), you can use the 15 minute dry cleaner (it also helps to remove stains).

Supermarkets' shelves are filled with brands offering similar products (sheets, bars, balls, eco-friendly etc). You just need to find your favorite!

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