August 01, 2011


L'Oreal's hair treatment line called Everpure always appears as one of the best products for colored hair. I was curious to try them out and after I visit my hairdresser, who told me the product is really good, I bought the Moisture Leave-in Conditioner.
I've started using it a few weeks ago and I'm very happy: besides the aesthetic result (softer, frizz-free hair), it is moisturizing, so it is perfect for colored hair like mine.
It is important to say that, after application, the hair has a different touch (like when applying mousse) because it is a lightweight gel, but nothing that interferes with your look or is eye-catching. And, after some time, the hair goes back to "normal."
If the result is good, the price is even better: less than $10 bucks at any drugstore or supermarkets!

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