August 11, 2011

Eco-Chevron Gas Station

I never pay attention to gas stations, and when I do is not for a good reason. But one Chevron gas station here in Los Angeles caught my attention for the opposite: clean, beautiful (especially at night with the lights on), friendly attendants, good price and, believe me, eco-friendly. It seems kind of contradictory a gas station that is eco-friendly, but they realized people's concern about the environment and used it to its favor by creating a totally different gas station, with green roof (which means fully or partially covered by plants), solar panels, stainless steel columns, and they also use rainwater to water the plants. In addition to that, the gas pumps show green messages on their screens, ask if you want a receipt or not (to reduce paper usage) and you also can leave with your hands clean since scented wipes are available for the drivers. I loved the initiative and I am loyal customer!

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