August 25, 2011

Market Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

This post is very special to me because it is the first time I'm writing a tip from a reader!
Fabio M. (aê!) has a tip from a pretty yummy restaurant in Rio de Janeiro (yes, readers, this time the restaurant is near you!) called Market Ipanema.
Hidden behind a small door in the Visconde de Pirajá is this charming restaurant, multicolored, that since 2008 offers healthy Brazilian food in a relaxed and enjoyable venue.
You notice the attention to details: warm bread, music and high-quality ingredients - many of them organic. The restaurant also offers juices, drinks and desserts (according to Fabio the banana cobler is a must!).

A small door that opens up to a world of flavors!

Photos: Fábio M.

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