January 27, 2013

Vacation - Part 2: Milan and the Lakes

How do I summarize my visit to Italy? It was so good, loud, somewhat disorganized (specially after visiting Switzerland), charming and delicious! I've never seen so many chic ladies/gentlemen and so many fur coats (real one!) per square foot! The food? Pizzas, cheeses, lots of wine, prosciutto  breads and panettones! (traditional Italian fruit bread)
We stayed in Como and from there we went by train and car to Milan and the Lakes (Bellagio, Lecco, Lugano, Luino). Now I understand why George Clooney bought a villa there ;)
Important: during winter and holidays, almost all the shops and some restaurants were closed - which didn't stop us from walking around and sightseeing the beautiful landscapes - but if you prefer a warmer vibe, go in the summer.
Well, here are some great moments we spent in Italy:

Duomo, Milan

You have to see Da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper which is inside the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. You have only 15 minutes to stare at it but it will give you goose bumps! (ps: book your visit in advance because they are very limited).

Mangia que ti fa bene!

Como, Bellagio and other lakes

Farmer's Market and streets of Como, New Year's Eve.

New Year's leftover dinner (with my new set of sharped knives - Xmas gift)

We HAVE to come back again!

Arrivederci, bella!

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