June 18, 2012


As you will see in the pics below, the end of the week and the weekend were spent in the kitchen. But this is not a problem at all! They were delicious moments spent with really cool people, and I love it!

Starting on Thursday, with the first sheet (of several!) of the best peanut cookie ever!

A fluffy and tropical cake, made for two dear friends - Liz and Ligia, and of course, cute Lucca - who came in for a coffee on Friday! (and the cake on Sunday)

Tomato and mozzarella di bufala pizza made by hubby!

Our new Sunday obsession when we don't go out for breakfast: poached egg (with soft yolk!)

Vintage cars exhibition on Rodeo Dr.

And, last but not least, chocolate chips and raisins brioche. God, what a good life!

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