June 05, 2012

The Griddle Cafe, Hollywood

Hubby and I finally got to go to The Griddle Cafe in Hollywood.

I had heard so much about this place, but all the (several) times we had passed in front there were long lines and we had no patience to wait.
One day, we decided to "take the challenge" and we have no regrets! (and the line took us 20 minutes - not too bad for a 10:30am Saturday).
The place is small and alive. Waiters are running around and the food is very good!
We ordered coffee, poached eggs with fresh fruit and their "flagship" dish: pancakes filled with bananas (but you can find many other great suggestions for your pancakes!)

I had no idea, but the pancakes (3 or 4 units) are larger than the plate! Delicious, but impossible to eat them all. The good thing was that we took almost half home, ate for breakfast the next day and was still good!
So, if you want to order pancakes, I recommend you to either go hungry, share with one or more friends, or don't forget to ask for a container so you can eat it later!

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