June 24, 2012

Beauty Tips

Recently I discovered two amazing products that I wanted to share here with you:

RD Protein Cream

My hair is dyed and after so many coloring, the ends got dried and now I suffer with some frizz. So I was almost buying Moroccan Oil, when I read in some magazine a girl's testimony about the RD Protein Cream and her hair was gorgeous. I decided to give it a try, bought the cream and it's fantastic! It leaves the hair super silky, shiny and no frizz. A winner!

Now, for red lips lovers who, like me, don't remember retouching the lipstick, and get angry when look in the mirror an hour after applying it and realize that half of it has faded, here is the solution of our problems: Sephora Cream Lip Stain

It's the best long lasting lipstick ever! I confess I have not tried that many, but now I don't need it! It was a friend's tip who always has her makeup flawless! During a dinner, I could not resist and asked which lipstick was wearing. To my delight (and my wallet's), it's Sephora! I bought it, tried, and the same day I went out with my red lips, I got three compliments and people asking me where I had bought it. My color is number 01, but I'll go back at the store and buy all the others!

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