November 09, 2011

Ojai Valley Inn & SPA

Two weeks ago hubby and I went to Ojai Valley Inn & SPA in Ojai, CA.

Ojai is a small town less than 2 hours away from LA and is best known for this resort.
I've been hearing about this resort for a while but I also knew it was too expensive. However, I got a nice discount and this was the perfect excuse to finally visit this place that everybody talks about ... And now I know why: it's truly amazing! Lots of green, quiet, and great amenities.
The guests are usually couples and families, and they go there mainly to play golf and for the spa. But they also have swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center with free classes etc.
We really wanted to enjoy the pool, relax and read. I didn't have any SPA treatment, but hubby played tennis with a professional and I did yoga outdoors!

About the food, they have some restaurants inside the property (a upscale, a pub and a healthy one), but only two are open late (I mean, 11pm). They are full at peak hours, but it is not a big deal (photo below is the dinner we had at the pub) and you can make a reservation or sip wine while waiting for your table.

We had an amazing weekend in this wonderful place, with beautiful sunny days and fireplace at nights! And look at that last picture of the sky during the sunset! Priceless!

If I have one not so good comment about the resort is that everything is a little bit overpriced (from the rooms - at regular price - to some services to food), but sometimes we have to let the money go and enjoy the good things of life, right?

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