November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Diary - Dinner

Are you guys curious to know how was my Thanksgiving dinner? Well, to my greatest joy it was amazing! All went really well: the turkey was moisty, the corn muffins were delicious, the cranberry sauce added a kick, and the dessert was so good that we should have eaten it on our knees! I'll post the rest of the recipes in the following days and I suggest that you make them all!

Here are some pictures of the table. And for those who didn't know, yes, I made all this, including a whole turkey, just for hubby and I! And I'd do it all over again! Now the leaftovers are in the refrigerator and will be used for sandwiches, pie fillings etc..

It's a great feeling when you make a delicious meal for a special person in an important occasion! I totally recommend!

And, stay tuned, next week I begin a new - and tasty - saga and then comes the preparation for Christmas (I have already the entire menu figured out!)

A wonderful weekend, everyone!

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