November 29, 2011

Movie suggestions: Pearl Jam Twenty and Rabbit Hole

This past weekend, I watched two very different movies which I recommend: Pearl Jam Twenty and Rabbit Hole.

Pearl Jam Twenty is a journey into the past (the nineties - so not that long ago), recalling my old days as a fan of Pearl Jam. The documentary celebrates 20 years of the band, showing everything from its beginning until today. It has a lot of music, concerts and curiosities. It's pretty fun to watch.

Rabbit Hole, on the other hand, deals with a hard subject (a couple who is trying to rebuild their lives after losing their only son, age 4, in a car accident), but I thought it was beautifully portrayed, without too much drama and heavy scenes. Of course you will cry and get emotional, but it's not a tearjerker. Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are great! But honestly, I think I only watched the movie, because I still do not have kids, but for parents, it might be painful to watch...

For a cultural weekend!

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