November 08, 2011

How come I've never tought of that before...

In my search for novelties on the web, I've found many little things that are interesting or at least funny. So I will show you some products that maybe can make our days easier:

How nice would be to be able to open glass jars without hurting our hands, being annoyed, or asking someone else. Now we can count on the help of a jar opener!

Instead of serving a scoop of ice cream, what about serving it stacked using this ice cream scoop & stack?

No more headache to get that first slice of cake or pie without disassembling everything. This cake slicer comes with a sliding blade that makes easy to take the first slice out and serve (I've seen it in stores and I confess that I'm really tending to buy it. I think it can be very useful!)

Who hasn't dipped the cookie into a glass of milk and it fell inside the glass, shattered or left you with wet fingers? The solution can be a professional dip cookie.

For those who travel a lot, this is an excellent idea: a digital luggage scale to help you checking if your luggage is not overweighted (I liked it!)

Now you can drink or rinse your mouth using water faucet without getting wet or making a mess. This invention might be useful especially for kids!

Nowadays there is already a dry shampoo (a powder/spray that "wipes" the dirt of the hair), and now I  found a "dry bath": a small package with dry and wet paper towels to refresh you when you don't have neither time nor a shower available nearby.

 If not useful, at least very creative!

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