November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Diary - Part 2

Continuing our Thanksgiving saga, yesterday I finished buying all the ingredients and I've already got an idea of how I'll set up the table.
The turkey is practically thawed in the refrigerator, and tomorrow morning I will begin the preparation by brining it (soaking the turkey in a cold salty water for a few hours - it's said that the salt breaks down the protein particles leaving the meat more tender)
Today I'm making the cranberry sauce (super simple) and the dessert: a Nutella Pana Cotta (a very light Italian dessert - not in this case since I'm using Nutella, but the original version is very light).
Tomorrow I will make the corn muffins (easy and fast); put the turkey in the oven; set the table and voila!
I'll post the recipes later, because as I've never prepared they, I want to know how they turn out first then I can give you all the details. See you tomorrow!

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