September 23, 2011

Spring has arrived! (and fall too!)

This post is to celebrate the begining of Spring season in Brazil. A delightful season that marks the end of cold, rain, bad mood (for some), weight gain (for many others...) and brings the sun, light, joy and flowers to prepare us for summer!
This last spring I thoroughly enjoyed the flowers. I stopped to look at them andI took lots of pictures (the photo above is from gardens here in the neighborhood)

If you, like me, love to bring the green into the house, take good care of them: before putting the flowers in the vase, cut the stems diagonally, remove the leaves and change water frequently. You can use traditional vases, vintage glass glasses, porcelain, plastic, pots of jam (cleaned, of course) and so on.

In the case of plants, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty, especially if you have a balcony or garden. Replace the soil (this second picture is of me in action!) and be careful not to water too much, because water in excess is the most common cause of death of indoors plants. But if you do not want to take any risk, call an expert!

Here is a little Feng-shui moment: never leave old and wilted greens inside your home. It doesn´t bring a good energy! If they are not full of life anymore, get rid of them and buy new ones.

Anyway, I hope that everybody in Brazil (or any other place in Spring season) enjoy you Spring a lot. Here in US it is my time to enjoy the autumn. I will keep you posted on everything that happens here during this also great season!

Pics: personal archive, Country Living, Real Simple and Leif.

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