September 14, 2011

La Cure Gourmande (Paris, France)

In one of several visits to Ile Saint Louis, in Paris, I discovered the store La Cure Gourmande.
It struck me by the color of the facade (mustard), the vintage feel and, of course, by its content: dozens of toffees, biscuits, nougats and chocolates.
You can create your own box with different candies and cookies, or you can buy them package-ready. The charm are the cans and boxes that mimic old packaging. You can purchase them empty (just the box) or fill it with the delights of the shop.

It's a little expensive, but surely worth it when you are in the mood to try something different, want to give it away or even keep it as a gift from your French trip. The visit is very nice, the attendants are friendly (most of them speak English) and the samples are delicious!

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