September 29, 2011

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills

Over the weekend, I went with my hubby and a friend to the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.
I had heard about this place for some time, but never had the opportunity. So, to do something different with my guest, there we went!


The Greystone Mansion was owned by the Doheny family (a very important family from the oil business that also names a major Drive here in Los Angeles), but was acquired by the city of Beverly Hills and became a public park (entrance and parking are free).
Unlike most American attractions, you can´t bring food, drinks or pets (maybe that's why when we were there, it was pretty empty...). But still worth a visit to see the incredible view of the city and stroll through the gardens.

The mansion is used for filming and events until today. That same day there was a wedding going on (very good idea because the ambiance is beautiful!). The ceremony was held outdoors in the garden and the reception around the main house. Since the house was closed for the event and we found no one from the park to talk to, I can´t tell if the mansion itself is open to visitors or if it is just the gardens (when I get back there I'll find out and let you know!).

As a curiosity, here are some movies that used the mansion as a backdrop: The Social Network; There Will Be Blood, The Prestige, Garfield, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Spiderman, X-Men, Indecent Proposal, The Body Guard and Ghostbusters among many others.

Quiet and nice stroll in Beverly Hills!

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