September 19, 2011

In love! - Austrian Designer Philipp Duatz

Surfing on the Internet, I found this sculpture in the form of melted chair that made me scream! And I discovered that this and other amazing pieces are creations of the Austrian designer Philipp Duatz.

On the website you find the process of creation and development of this and other sculptures. In the case of the melted chair, the designer wanted to show, through an object, the transition of forms (solid, liquid and gas). He studied the solidification of liquids and melting of solids, and used 3D software prototypes until the final result. According to the artist, depending on the viewer, the chair (solid) may be melting (liquid) or the liquid may be solidified. But the coolest is that it can indeed be used as a regular chair!
Here are some other creations that would bring a super cool touch into your home or office like this sofa, chair and lamp (in that respective order):

Sculptures-furnitures, furnitures-sculptures!

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