September 05, 2011

My Favorites!

I'm starting today a new category here on the blog called "My Favorites" for my favorite delicacies. And for you to be as excited as I am, I'll start with two favorites in one post since the two of them are from Bottega Louie which I've just said here. Ready? So here we go:

Bottega Louie's version of french toast is made with brioche bread and comes with berries, butter and maple syrup.
It is so moist that it looks like a pudding and it melts in your mouth. Yummy... And, like all French pastries, it is not too sweet. The portion is generous and serves 2.

In addition to brunch, Bottega Louie is also famous for its macarons.
Among several flavors, I chose: chocolate with almonds, expresso with chocolate, sicilian lemon, and salt-caramel, and they are all amazing! (the least interesting was the salt-caramel)
They are very fluffy and melt in your mouth. The filling is just right (neither soft nor hard).
If you ask for the box, as I did, the price gets a bit higher, but to carry it without incident (macarons are very delicate), this is the best way.

My favorites for sure!

Photos: MW

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