September 12, 2011

Food Trucks / Fashion's Night Out

Last week, September 8, took place here in LA and other cities in the world, the Fashion's Night Out: a fashion event organized by Vogue magazine that keeps stores open late hours receiving guests with DJ's and drinks, and encouraging purchases, since part of the sale of the night goes to charities.
Here in LA events were scattered throughout the city, featuring models and celebrities. I went to Rodeo Drive and I could check out some cool things: the street was closed, crowded, ferris wheel (a smaller version), characters from Cirque Du Soleil, giveaways, exhibits and food trucks - and it is about them that I will comment on this post!

For those who do not know, food trucks are very common in the U.S.. Trailers or vans that are riding around town selling different types of food: tacos, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, cupcakes, ice cream etc..
In Brazil, we have something like that selling hot dog, but here, the cars are bigger, better equipped, and thematic. There is even competitions and programs dedicated to them!
We can find a lot here in LA, since they are in front of museums, parks, flea markets, events and even within companies, but I never had the opportunity to try them until tonight! And it was sitting on the sidewalk with my hubby that I tasted the sliders and belgium waffle with ice cream (photos below).

The food is yummy and it works when one is hungry or in a hurry. But do not expect a price much better than regular fast-food and food court meals. They are just a little bit cheaper since you do not pay tax or tip, but I still recommend them if you bump into one of these on the streets!
PS: Fashion's Night Out Brazil happens tonight and tomorrow in SP in RJ. Enter the site to learn more about the shops and local participants.

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