September 08, 2011

Picnic two thumbs up!

Yesterday was my last show at the Hollywood Bowl and this season will be missed: the shows were great, the weather was super nice and the task of bringing food and drink was delicious!
This time, my hubby and and I went to concerts along with another couple, so we took the opportunity to bring something different, tasty and easysuch as: sandwiches (wraps type), hummus, baby carrots, chips, melon with prosciutto, brie with jam, grapes, cherry tomatoes salad, sliced ​​breads (different styles like focaccia, baguettes), water and wine.
This menu is perfect not only for concerts but also for the park, museums or on the road. But remember to take everything chopped and ready, and do not forget cutlery, disposable plates and cups (good tip here), napkins and bottle openers.
To carry all this, you can take a normal bag (the one below was used by me in my first trips to the Hollywood Bowl!)...

Or if you are - or will be - a fan of picnics, you can invest a little more in thermal bags with compartments and dividers like these (some of them cutlery is already included):

Or the most traditional, English style, charming like these:

All products above are from Picnic at Ascot. An amazing store with everything to make your picnic even more enjoyable (and they also have blankets, chairs, coolers, etc.). But the important thing is to do everything with love and affection, have fun, and enjoy these delicious moments with your loved ones.

Hollywood Bowl: we'll be back next year!!

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