September 26, 2011

My favorites: French Toast from Grub Restaurant

Continuing my endless search for the best French Toast, I found a wonderful one at a restaurant called Grub, in Hollywood, that certainly enters into the hall of My Favorites!
Forget the calories and cholesterol and ask for Our Friggin 'Amazin' French Toast. It is a piece of heaven on Earth, made ​​with sliced croissant - yes, croissant! - dipped in a sweet mixture (I don't know the ingredients but maybe milk, cinnamon, sugar, eggs etc), the bread is golden brown and it is served with maple syrup and raspberry butter (delicious and super easy to make - I will teach you that here later on).

My hubby ordered a croissant (also french toast style) with eggs, cheese and bacon. The bacon ... hum ... While not part of most of my meals, I felt like asking an extra portion of it! It is super crisp but with some kind of sugar or maple syrup coat. So it is sweet, savory, crisp all at the same time. What a delight!

The place is very informal, small and it seems lost in a super quiet street in the middle of the old post-production studios in Hollywood, but you are in the right place. And during rush hour (brunch time) you'll wait a bit.

I could certainly go back there...every morning ...

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