September 21, 2011

Jack n' Jills Bakery & Café

I think you already realized that I am totally in love with breakfast/brunch. So here is another option, in Los Angeles, to savor the most important meal of the day: Jack n 'Jills - American-style restaurant with everyone talking loudly at the same time and plenty of food.
My hubby and I went for a breakfast on Sunday morning and, like every nice place, it is quite crowded, but as we arrived early, we didn't have to wait (when we left, there was a waiting line).
We ate parfait (granola, yogurt and fruit), ham and cheese omelet and coffee. The portions are super generous, the service is fast and the price is good. Definitely worth a visit! (mainly because the restaurant is located in a street with several shops and one block away from Rodeo Drive).

Unfortunately I only took photos of the menu and forgot about the dishes, but I will certainly go back there and make "The Return" as I did with The Kitchen Tasting!

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