July 25, 2011

Angel's feet...

Every woman owns at least one uncomfortable pair of shoes. It is very difficult to find a beautiful and comfortable high heels, or even a pair of flats (they do exist, and when we find them, we want to buy one of each color!). But to our joy, some companies have created great "gadgets" to help reducing pain caused by our beloved - and painful - shoes:
Foot Petals: great products for women such as invisible insoles to be worn with open shoes, inserts for the heels, and silicone strips for strappy sandals.
As for Dr. Scholls, it's a more complete line - for men and women - that goes from insoles to gels to prevent/help healthy issues such as perspiration, achy feet, back pain, knees pain etc..
Here they are widely used here in the US and, in most of the cases, they actually work! Since you don't have to spend too much money, it's worth to try.
Have you ever thought that with these inserts maybe that wonderful pair of pumps you put away could be the most comfortable shoes in your closet? Available on drugstores and supermarkets.

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