July 04, 2011

Be prepared for summer vacation!

Summer vacation coming up and many people are going out of town/country. So here are some tips for you to pre-organize your trip and really enjoy your vacation:
- Research on the location, hotel, surroundings, weather and create a list of everything you need (some hotels offer hair dryers, towels, bathrobes, toiletry items, etc.)
- Tell your friends, relatives and closest neighbors where you're going, how long you will stay and how you can be contacted in case of emergency (if it's an international trip, also call your credit card company so you can check if is everything OK with your card)
- Let the pets with friends; water plants; time the lights in the house; cancel newspaper's  deliveries; hide valuables (jewelry box, for example)
- If traveling by car, take it to your dealer for a full-check (brakes, oil, windshield, fire extinguisher, flashlight, tires)
- About the clothes, try to combine colors and match pieces (black, brown, grey are very easy to match with any other colors)
- If traveling by plane, take with you (on your body!) the coat/jacket and shoes that take up more space in your suitcase. Another tip is to put underwear in plastic bags inside the shoes
- Make a file with all the information pertinent to your trip. So you do not need to take guides, books, notes etc.
- Prepare a kit with daily use medicines and also those who would need prescription in case you need. Others, depending on your location, can be easily found at drugstores.

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