July 19, 2011

Cake pops!

Cake Pops are super trendy right now and culinarists - pros and amateurs like us - are buying books, checking out websites and testing recipes. But to facilitate our lives and help us get to the perfect recipe, we can now buy a cake pop maker! With the help of this gadget you can bake multiple cakes at the same time and all with the same size.

But if you do not have room for one more gadget in your kitchen or do not want to spend so much, you can find cake pops pans. They are much cheaper and the result is very similar or even equal to the maker!

These itens are available for sale at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and many others.


  1. Que delícia! Nunca tinha visto isso na vida! Deve ser demais! Como sempre, seus comentários me deixam babando! Adoro o blog!

  2. Eba!! Continue ligada que vem mais coisas legais por aí... Beijos!