July 26, 2011

Chicago - Overall

Chicago, the third largest city in the US, mixes very well old & new architectures and it is surrounded by lakes. Although it is known as The Windy City, what struck me were the morning storms and night thunderstorms (quite impressive!). Due to all these storms and lakes, the humidity is high. And since it is summer, it's hot! (and I got there in the middle of a heat wave!). But if you want to visit the city during the winter, get your gloves, hats and coats ready!
The city is also known for its museums, parks, libraries and stadiums. They have hockey, basketball, football and baseball teams (God knows why they lost hosting 2016 Olympics for Rio de Janeiro...)
The traffic is very heavy but public transportation is great: from the airport you can take a taxi (a bit expensive), shuttle, bus or subway.
I was staying in Downtown in a great hotel that I recommend: The James. And because we were short in time, I could not visit other neighborhoods, but I was surprised by what I found there. I thought Downtown was a work district only, but in fact it is very well located, close to numerous tourist attractions, markets, shops and restaurants. And since during summer it gets dark about 8:30pm, everyone is on the streets and the shops were open late hours. Great!

Soon I will write more on tourist attractions and typical foods.

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