July 20, 2011


I love all kinds of cheeses: from blue cheese to cottage to cheddar. And some time ago I discovered a delicious Italian cheese called burrata.
It tastes and lookes like mozzarella di bufala, but the diference is that when you cut it, you are surprised by a very soft cheese that melts in your mouth - that's the reason for the name burrata: Italian word for butter.
My suggestion is to eat it as an appetizer with drizzles of a very good extra virgin olive oil, salt, tomato and bread or, at most, a green salad. Don't dice, slice or mix it with the food, otherwise it will lose its charm, texture and flavor.
Buon Appetito!


  1. Deve ser sensacional!! Queria comer AGORA!!!!!

  2. Achamos no supermercado aqui na Alemanha! Vamos comprar essa semana para experimentar e depois postamos nossa opinião!